Monday, September 15, 2014

Renee In Canccerland book snippet

Three Little Words – March 15, 2011

You have cancer


Remember to breathe.

It’s breast cancer.

It is small.

It’s stage one.

Whole world spins

chemo, surgery, radiation.

You’re done!

Celebrate, cheer, love!

One year goes by,

you’re still clean!

Two years later,

you look great!

Approaching 3 years…

off the anti-depressants…

Abnormal CT scan…


In the lungs

All is unknown…

scared, pissed, sad…

Ready to fight!

Be bald again.

Ask for help.

Ask for prayers…

Cry, laugh, love.


Present day: September 15, 2014
As things continue to unfold I feel myself getting very excited. I am not going to lie though, it is scary to get this excited...I have been this excited before only to get sick again.
But still I am excited...excited about what is in store for me...excited about ways I am being showed to help others...excited about life.
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