Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I went to see my brain oncologist for him to go over my MRI from a few weeks ago.

Luckily I had already talked to Dr. H about the results because and she had talked to him, so there was no new news for me going into this appointment.

There are 2 tiny areas that light up. I asked him if that could be from radiation overflow and he said that was a great way to describe it!

We agreed we will call it radiation overflow for now being as I am improving overall – my coordination is much better, I ate we chop sticks today! (something I could NOT have done a year ago), my walking and balance are all improving, and I just feel so much better in general.
He said that is good enough for him!
That is something SO great about all my doctors – they know I always tell them the truth so they truly trust me when I say I am feeling good.

He totally makes me laugh though…he noticed my new glasses and new shoes and told me how great they are. He notices that details that make up life as life and not just life with cancer.

I told him about my book and he smiled ear to ear and said he couldn’t wait for it and he was happy for me.

I am happy for me too.

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