Sunday, September 14, 2014


I have always been one to get pissed off if someone is getting the shaft on something...I get mad even when the person getting the shaft doesn't get mad.

And when it comes to my family or friends...well, I say just don't mess with them.
No, I am not going to beat you up but I might throw a few nasty looks your way...yes, I am THAT tough!!

But when the only person to be mad at is God, it gets hard.

Just like when anyone tells me a story, I realize I am only getting one side of the story. I know I couldn't comprehend God's side, but it don't make it easier.

A friend of a friend got thrown into Cancerland with us not very long ago.
She got put in hospice the other day.

I can say I am confessed at why this happened to her so early on...or hell, even at all.
I am sad for her family.
I am pissed at cancer.
I question what God is doing with this stuff.
Why doesn't He make her better like He has me?
Why does a thirty something year old have to go into hospice?

Cancerland is not a fun place to live, but while I am here on earth I am praying for strength, love and understanding.

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