Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Living as my future self

Going back to Sunday’s blog post, New Vision – I am SO enjoying what I have been working on.

Monday, I had my 5 month CT chest/abdominal and bone scans. I went into them holding the vision/the KNOWING/the sparkly fluttery feeling of a completely heathy bod!)  I envisioned getting the call today and hearing, “nothing to see here.”  I didn’t stress…I just went with the flow of scans being a part of my life for the time being (who knows – maybe one day I won’t need scans anymore because I have been No Evidence of Disease for so long!?!?!). 

Anyway, I got my call today telling me NED!! I felt the magic bubbly feeling I had imaged. 

I had a headache from all the contrast/dye I had to get for the scans. And you know what – I went with it. I said, ok. Just let my body do what it needed to do WITHOUT me judging/beating myself up! 

I would rate yesterday as great with my mindset!

For tomorrow I am visualizing:

I got up refreshed after a great night of sleep. Had delicious coffee and protein packed breakfast of eggs whites, sharp cheddar cheese, whole wheat toast with butter and jelly.
I set down to do my daily visualization on my purple yoga pillow.  Getting into my “zone” SO effortlessly – feeling the tingles in my body – asked my body what it needs – listening to higher self. I imagined my body full of life, love, energy. I saw myself rocking it at PT – feeling my muscles work how they are meant to. Elaina and I effortlessly dropped our 4 recorded podcasts, and recorded 2 more! They just flowed out of us and we were both full of excitement knowing our podcast is going to be a hit!
After she left, I had a huge healthy salad. 
The day just kept going with ease and joy. Every step I took I felt stronger and more powerful!

I can already feel my vibe getting higher, and able to stay higher!

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