Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big things are in the works!!

I am not sure if this video will play...I "think" it will if you just click it or copy and past it?!?!

If the video doesn't work for you, the basics of it is EXCITEMENT!!!
I received 2 GLOWING calls  yesterday.

First, I was asked to blog/vlog/shout out about the Moonshot 2020 project because they see my blog as an influential blog! What?!?! This little blog where I just ramble on about emotions, life with cancer, and so much more! Now it is MORE!!

Ok next AMAZING awesome nurse telling me that Dr. H found a bone marrow transplant center in Dallas totally willing to do this bone marrow transplant...well, consider it! There are still 100 steps to be taken before anything happens, but this is a great first step! And Dallas is great being as my sister and sister-in-law both live around there along with a ton of friends! If I can't be in Austin, Dallas is really the next best place location wise for me!!

Do you guys know how exciting this is? New bone marrow could mean IF any cancer tried to come back, the new immune system would kill it off the way it should...I mean THIS could be great news in the cancer killer game too.
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