Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Birthday blues

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to…oh whatever…I am over it.

Last Friday I turned 38.
Oh, what did she get for her birthday you might ask?
I got a bag of shit…if I do say so myself.

The day before my big 3-8, I had started to get a migraine and chemo then Friday where I found out I need a bone biopsy because my white and red counts are still so low even after almost 3 months off chemo. Now they think there is an underlying problem going on too…just want I need…another health issue.

This whole week I have been more than exhausted…like sleeping 12-14 hours at night.

I am scheduled for my bone biopsy Tuesday, which I don’t really know what to expect. From what I have read they will numb me up and take some bone marrow from my hip…I am sure that will be pleasant?!?!

We are scheduled to go to Harry Potter World next, and I would be lying if I say I am not scared that I might not feel well enough to go. I have already rented a scooter for me to ride at while at the park being as even walking short distances do me in these days.

UGH...I am OVER IT!!

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