Thursday, April 28, 2016

Massive pain

I am not really sure how it happened yesterday, but somewhere in between picking up Ian at school and getting home, I tweaked my neck so bad that I couldn't turn it from side to side. When I did try to move, a pain that felt like knife on fire pierced my neck and radiated out.

I started crying because it hurt so bad and I couldn't move. Ian started crying because I was crying from pain and couldn't move from the couch. 

So there I was, stuck with my head in a downward node, bawling like a baby with snot pouring down my face all the while trying to keep Ian calm and let him know this isn't normal but it happens.

He was crying. I was crying. It was horrible. Luckily Ian called Eric to come home, and Eric had literally just sent a project he was working on off, so he was able to come home immediately.

I am happy to report I can move my head this morning!

But this made me think of the some of the other girls in my group who have PAINFUL bone this pain ALL THE TIME!

In fact I met a girl yesterday who has bone mets in her spine and her back broke from picking up her child.

My jaw dropped when I heard this and my heart broke.

This lit a fire in me... I am really going to work more on my CancerGirls to donate a percent to least this way I can know I am helping the research side of this shit.
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