Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wigging Out

I never went the wig route my two times through chemo or radiation...for some reason I thought I was being strong and showing the world I was proud of my baldness. I was fighting cancer damn it...look at my bravery. that I am older I realize I stayed bald because my child wasn't old enough to care if I had hair or not because if he had, I would have no shame going the wig route.
Now I realize that was not the case. 

One of my cancer girls is going bald yet again from another chemo she is on. Her children are a little older and are sensitive to the fact mom is once again losing her hair.

So I do what I do...go along and give my opinion. Here is the thing with me, if you ask me for the truth I will give it one way or another. If I don't say anything, you probably know I don't like it?!

We went to Abba wigs here in Austin. Kelli had an appointment but I am not sure if you have to have one.

I most admit I was a little creeped out at first when we first walked into the room with all the heads of hair. But I got over it quick when we started laughing about some of the stuff we were saying in there.

We settled on this one in a slightly darker color...not dark just with more low lights. I think it is going to look great.

I am so happy I can be there for my friends for crap like this.
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