Monday, June 22, 2015

My work

I don’t know where or when I got the idea that everything I do has to be something new and awe inspiring. I have been stuck with my art lately thinking I need to do something new.  So, I will spend too much time online looking, thinking how I could change this or that to make it my style. Then I end up doing nothing because I don’t feel a real connection to actually making a different style.

That was until a friend of mine showed my “old work” to her hair salon, and the owner wants to feature my work on the salon walls.

I laugh because when I do my “old style” I am so happy when I am painting.  I just sit and my hands start working and before I know it, I look down and have all this stuff I LOVE.

Verses now when I sometimes think to myself that I can’t paint my “old style” anymore because I need to push myself to grow.

Grow into what, I now question?

I make art that makes others and myself happy and that is really all I have ever said I wanted to do…so if I am to look at this question logically, I am already doing what I have said I wanted to do all along.

I need don’t to make some abstract art that shows my cancer journey (although I do want to)…I can make bright happy art to uplift and inspire others.

Instead of calling it my "old work," I am just going to call it what it work.
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