Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Getting back at it!

Getting back at it!

Man alive, I know I totally dropped off of here like a hot…well, I don’t know what, but something.

First things first, thank you all for the sweet get well wishes.  I honestly never knew pneumonia could take a person out like that?! I honestly felt like I was on my first ever chemo (Adriamycin/ Cytoxan) again....

BUT I am now getting better now and am oh so happy about it!
Many have asked when my book signing will be, and I am thinking it will be in August. I am going to start sending books to hospitals and magazines who have used my pictures in their campaigns to see if I can get any traction that way?! 

Oh, I started painting again! I will start showing snippets on Instagram. I have envisioned a whole line of canvases called “I AM”.  At first I was thinking only for kid’s rooms, but now I am working on it, I can easily see sets of these it in all rooms! My goal is to have a completed set to show you this afternoon…don’t 100% hold me to it because we are still settling into summer routine around here.

OH huge crazy thing has/is happenings…My great friend, Holley Kitchen made a video to educate about the reality of Stage 4 Breast Cancer, and it has gone VIRAL! I mean like 50 MILLION views. Here is a link to it: 

Enjoy the video, and I will see you on FB and Instagram over the next few days!  
Instagram: ReneeInCancerland
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