Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Good bye Genae

I still remember the day we met.

She was outspoken on the same topics I was too, but I wasn't sure of my place in this new group to speak my mind yet.

But after she spoke, I knew I didn't have to speak – she had said everything I was thinking.

It is odd how my memory works…I can’t remember some things that I would think would be unforgettable, but I seem to hang on to memories of meeting new people…especially people who make a mark on my life.

An unexpected mark.

A random mark.

But marks that veer my overall direction in life…even ever so slightly but that slight veer points me in a whole new direction over time.

She was a cheerleader to me…she seemed to be my personal cheerleader with all my crazy ideas. She would tell me that my ideas were exactly what this world needs now…and I believed her.

She would give life to my hopeful soul with our talks…she was a successful business women with some major ump behind her, and she believed in what I told her about what I want to accomplish in the world.

Many others vied for her attention, but for some reason she picked me.  She saw something in me and told me so and wanted me on her team.

When I questioned my ability to succeed in my dream, she assured me everyone started somewhere and I had a lot more heart behind my starting than most people she knew.

We would meet for coffee at 10 and end up staying through lunch.

We met just last week.  We were planning on taking a road trip to Frederiksberg to show our art to various stores in hopes of them wanting an exclusive deal with one or hopefully both of us. She told me she would do all the talking – she knew my hang up about selling my stuff to others.

We laughed at the dumb stuff we both did but encouraged each other just the same.

We would text each other random thoughts and art ideas yet never had to explain the why behind them…we both knew the why – we were free spirits trying to live in this life but by our own rules.

I told her I love you on our hug good-bye last week.

I tend to tell all the people whom I really care about that here lately.
It feels natural now verses awkward in the past.

I guess I know how quickly life can change…out to coffee one week...not able to the next.

I used to think I knew the preciousness of life that is so lightly balanced in time.

I didn't.
I still don’t.

Life can be there one week for grand plans of the future...of hopeful dreams starting to take shape…then the next week gone.

To you, my dear friend Genae. I wish a lot of things right now...but most of all, I wish you peace while you are up there looking down on us. I hope you are coloring clouds a new vibrant hue. 
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