Friday, February 13, 2015

Own it

One good thing about me not being able to drive far is that people have to take me places! Honestly, I don't mind because the car rides give us time to talk.

The other night C volunteered to be my driver for the night.  We were going to J's house to help her daughter celebrate her birthday...I guess they have heard us cancer chicks still know to have a good time?!?!

C and I don't get to spent a lot of one and one time together...but we need to!

We were talking about what we both want to do with our "cancer stories," and she is a not beat around the bush type (yes, like me...maybe that is why we do nothing but talk sh*t and laugh?!?!)

She told me something that I really needed to hear from one of my "own."
She told me that YES my story is crazy messed up BUT it is awesome and so inspiring.
She told me I need to own that sh*t...when people tell me how inspiring my story is - own it.
She told me I inspire her with living life the way I continue to.

I don't know why I need to hear this from others?
That isn't true...I do know why.
I tend to think that everyone would do the same that I have done...
But I know this isn't the case.  I know this from hearing other people tell me that hearing my story breathed life back into their fight.

When people ask me how I stay so upbeat, I laugh it off.
When people tell me I am a true warrior, I shrug and say it was what I had to do.

But I now understand they are serious...they see me as a beacon of Hope.
I am starting to see what they see.

With the help of others, I am learning to OWN IT...own my story, own the greatness of it and own the impact MY story does have on others.

Now this is part I really want to say: this isn't to brag or be all look at me...but maybe I shouldn't? Maybe I should give myself permission to live in it without any "but, and, or ifs" at the end.


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