Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brain Report

I don't know why, it is easy for me to forget to write the good stuff.  I need/want to bask in the good stuff.
I had at appointment with Groves on Thursday - he is my brain oncologist...not many people even know what this it...that is a good thing!

He looked at my scans, looked at me and gave me a huge smile.

Things look just the same as they did last time.
In my case, that is a GREAT thing to hear!
He talked a second about lowering my chemo frequency, but I freaked out a bit.
He told me at some point, we will have to take me off something...see how things are and then maybe take me off more.
This is great news, but scary too.

I have been at a great place before.
That great place turned dark...quick.

I TRY not to go to a scary place in my head, but sometimes it just goes there.

I pray that God takes all these crazy thoughts from me and I trust Him to hold my hand through whatever.
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