Monday, November 17, 2014

A missed appointment

A missed appointment

To date, I have only missed two chemo appointments ever in my 6.5 year “career” as Texas Oncology.

I missed the first one because I was in the hospital with steroid psychosis…I guess a nice way of saying a slight nervous breakdown?!?

The second missed appointment was just 2 weeks ago.

I missed it because I had the wrong day written.

When I finally made it in a week later, Dr. H joked with me saying she didn’t know if I was on some whirlwind book tour or what.

My nurse, who has also become a great friend, told me at first everyone was worried I missed until she told them that she had texted me and I just had the wrong day down.

It made me really see how far I have come.

I used to base my life around my appointments. I would check and double check to make sure I had them all down correctly.

If this missed appointment had happened a year ago, I guarantee calls to Eric would have been made to check on me…not just a friendly where in the h*ll are you text!

It feels great to be in this place again.

I honestly never thought I would get back to this place…but here I am!!

I am thankful for it every day.
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