Thursday, September 25, 2014


The day was perfect.

A few crisp white wispy clouds were painted in the ocean blue sky.

The temperature was hovering around a gentle degrees75.  Every time it got a little too warm a nice easy breeze would whisper through to remind everyone in the stands that this was a perfect day.

The stadium was packed to capacity with everyone there cheering on the two teams playing their hearts out against each other.

You could feel the energy from the players, the coaches, the fans, the everybody who was within the walls.

The energy was intense - It was magical to be a part of.

Everyone there felt like they were a part of the game being played. Each person was committed to his or her team – committed to the outcome of this game…committed to the passion that was flowing through the air.

Then it happened – it was inevitable – something had to happen to one of teams – each team could not go on playing a perfect game forever.

Because, they all are human after all.

But then just as quickly as the crowd started cheering their team on, that same crowd turned on their team as soon as a mistake was made.

The grumbles of dislike, of disappointment, of anger hung in the air like a black cloud.

Instead of support, the crowd was now giving constant disapproval for the team whom they were just madly in love with.

Just like that – one mistake…ONE mistake and the crowd was out.

Out of cheers.

Out  of praise for the team they had just loved so much a few seconds earlier.

Out of enjoyment watching the game because it was no longer going just as they thought it should.

She thought to herself : How sad.

How sad for the players who were trying their hardest.

Trying their hardest to win this game.

Win this game for themselves – the team – the fans.

How sad it was to see how easily the crowd gave up on them.

How sad it was to see how easily the fans  got angry at their beloved team -All because the game was no longer going their way.

The coach tried to regroup the team.

He tried to bring them back together to get back into the game.

But once one teammate lost hope, another one did, then another – it spread like a wildfire.

Anger, hopelessness, should haves, bitterness – it all spread from one person to another – just like that.

Just like a wildfire jumping from dry tree, to tree, to dry grass…jump jump jump. Before the team  knew what happened they were all trapped by this wall of fire.

And the other team knew this – they could  see defeat in their opponents’ actions – even more so in their eyes.

But one strong faithful soul told those feelings of defeat, fear, anger they had no place in his heart.

He looked at his teammates who had lost all hope. He looked at the crowd who saw nothing but disappoint playing on the field.

He looked at them all and saw God’s love wrapping them up – just as He actually was.

He felt this Love and passed it from teammate to teammate just like he was passing the ball to each one.

In an instant, the whole situation changed.

If you looked with your Heart, you could see little tiny shimmers of Love, Hope…God in every single person.

If you look with Heart, you can always see sparkles of Love, Hope, and God.
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