Thursday, September 4, 2014

Renee In Cancerland Book snippet

The Knock…
knowing the sound

of the Knock

that Precious knock
knowing all I needed to do

was open the door

the door that seemed

to have been bolted shut
for way too long

The door…

I admit

I have cracked it open -
just a sliver…

a small sliver

from time to time


too afraid
to fling it open

wide open -

not knowing
what was on

the other side


the Knock continued

day and night -

some days
it would drive me crazy –

I would try anything
to make it stop

other days
I would entertain

the idea
of possibly


The door.

one day…
my heart won

the battle of the day

I let my heart
have its way

I let my heart
open the door –

I was tired

tired of fighting…

to keep
the door closed

to keep

my heart in the dark

to keep
me where I was…

A light so bright
Joy so intense

Peace so calming

Love so burning

was on the other side

God smiled at me
and said,

I’ve been waiting…

for you
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