Sunday, September 7, 2014

2 years

We haven't been able to go to church for the past 2 years due to my health in one way or another.

At first I just felt like shit all the time.
Then I had 3 brain surgeries - when I wasn't recovering from a traumatic surgery, I was dealing with depression and anxiety and the just thought of being around large groups of people could make me spiral down.

It wasn't that I didn't want to - I wanted to go and be folded up in all the love that was there - I just couldn't. I couldn't make my mind believe what my heart knew.

My mind didn't care that my heart was hurting.

As always, I believe God has a hand in everything.
The lesson today was titled Seeking the Sacred in the Ordinary, at Unity Church of the Hills in Austin.

Our pastor spoke of seeing God, love, Jesus, the Kingdom - whatever you want to call it - he spoke of seeing God in everything. And I mean everything.

Then I heard my heart tell me, it is my daily job to look for the gifts in my day and share. He told me that is my job - to share.

I think I have lost my art of sharing daily because I am so focused in the big goals - Renee In Cancerland and Etsy to sell art.

I need to bring my attention back to the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Luke 17:21 - Neither shall they say, ‘Lo, it is here!’ or ‘Lo, it is there!’ For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.”
To me that means - it is here, within me, within you, within us all.

I wrote down, "today is your song - stop rehearsing - just sing."

Today it is my job to see God in all - even the plan ole boring stuff.

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