Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I have been tired...too tired for my own good.

But it is a good tired because it is from doing things - just too many things.

I started taking a Pilates class on T/Th. Once I am used to this, I want to add bike riding into the mix.
I have a few yoga DVDs that I want to add to the to-do list as well...again, I am working toward all that.

We had a busy weekend that I am still recovering from.
I always forget how long it takes me to recover when I over do it.

I did make it to Pilates yesterday, and have been editing Renee In Cancerland like a crazy women. Who knew the editing part was harder than the writing part?!?! NOT me!

I am noticing more energy with me eating better, SO that is a good thing.

I am STILL trying to get my crap organized for my Etsy store. I think I need to just get the book edits done first, then move on.

OH, I started a new Angel class. I love it.

I just ordered a new journaling Bible. I can't wait to get this! I found it while looking on Instagram.
This will be a fun way for me to do Bible study.

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