Friday, August 22, 2014

For a reason

I had a PET scan and MRI scheduled today for about 2 weeks now.

They were scheduled to be back to back because doing multiple times is a pain in the ass. But I got a call yesterday asking me if I would mind if they pushed my PET to an hour later.

I said sure, no problem. I knew I would be starving, but other than not being able to eat, I had nothing else going on today.

After my MRI, I went to another waiting area to wait for my PET scan.

I had all my sh*t spread out as usual because I was planning on camping out there to work on Renee In Cancerland stuff.

My plans changed quickly as soon as I watched a scared mother walk in with her daughter to sit and wait also.

I heard that famous whisper talking to my heart and I did what it told me to do - even at the sake of looking like a crazy person - nothing too new to me!
My heart told me to talk to them.
So I walked over, pulled up a chair, asked them if I could sit.
I asked them what was going on.
The mom told me her daughter was there for a PET scan, that she was just diagnosed and a PET is the first step to see if the cancer is else where.
I reached out to hold their hands.
I looked at her and her daughter in the eyes and told them that this sucks. Plan and simple, this sucks. Then I explained a little of my story - because lets me honest, no one who is just diagnosed really wants to hear all my crap.
I told her it is ok to be scared, it is ok to be pissed, it is ok to not want to be brave, it is ok to want to run and hide...all that is ok.
BUT then you have to look up at whatever it is, look it in the eyes and tell it to eat shit.
They laughed.
It made my heart happy.

She was called back before me, so I sat out in the waiting area. I was talking with the lady at the front desk and she said thank you to me for what I did for them.
She told me that she sees so many people who wouldn't have taken those unknown steps, and she was grateful I was there and I did.

I left all my contact info with her and asked her to give it to her mother on their way out. I asked her to PLEASE tell the mom to call me because I am serious about talking to her and her wasn't just an empty offer.

Then I was called back to get injected with my nuclear sugar water. The mom and daughter were back there waiting for her PET to start.
She wanted to take a picture with me.
I was honored.
Then Fred told me I had to stop roaming around and go sit down to let my nuclear stuff do what it needed to.

I left there feeling good.
I left there knowing God had changed my appointment so I could be there for them.
I left there with a little pep in my step knowing it really did matter - it really did help them.

My Bible verse from this morning was:
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.
Proverbs 4:23

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