Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Once bitten, twice shy

That is how I feel now in regards to scans and what now.

I had an head MRI on Friday, Dr. H and two chemos yesterday, and Dr. Groves to look at my MRI from Friday.

To say the least, I am beat down tired today with a headache from the chemo and just being so tired.
But I will take it because I am still NED in my head and in my body.

Oh it is that little things NED that make my heart happy!
Yes, I realize it isn't little!

I got a little lecture from Dr. H yesterday when I told her what all I had been doing.  She told me to slow my roll. We just laugh together.

Infusion was easy, then I came home a half slept, half listening for my alarm to go off to tell me it was time to got to Groves.

Eric went with me downtown because I still don't feel comfortable driving downtown and man I am glad he was with me.

After a long wait (which I don't mind with Groves - you can't rush a genius in my opinion), we talked to Dr. Groves; he said my MRI looks better and better every time and we will just keep this train rolling.  I got my next MRI pushed out for 10 weeks which is great! 

He said of course call if need be earlier, but honestly he doesn't want to see me earlier.  And I him!

I am tired today after yesterday having 2 treatments and all the appointments, so I am going to sit it on the couch today and do nothing.  See, I am learning to listen to my body.  Maybe I should send this to Dr. H?!?!
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