Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Ribbon

a twirling ribbon

dances in the sky

taken up by

a gust of wind –

not to make anyone sad for losing it

but to make everyone around


what they are doing

take notice

it looks as if

God is

playing with us from the sky

we are His young children

being entertained

by this ribbon

that dances in the sky

so delicately

it does a loop-de-lo

I hold my breath

not knowing

if it will make all the way around

but it does

it makes it around

only to go on

and preform

a back and forth dance

with the breeze

with God

it creates big beautiful waves

riding on the air

like a skilled surfer

dancing on the waves

I couldn’t help

but fell the wonder build


of what it will do next

I can’t see the air

making this ribbon dance


I am fully aware

of the light cool breeze

it blows on my face

through the otherwise warm air


all the sudden

all is still

the ribbon

floats back

towards the ground

With grace

With delight

it floats to me

and lands softly in my lap

I look around

to see

if anyone else is going to claim it

but it seems

it was dropped here for me

from God

as a reminder

He is always here

He is always here
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