Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spinal tap and more

I had my spinal tap on Monday.  Now I “thought” this was going to be easy breezy, a small poke and fluid draw…I thought WRONG.

The PA did it, so she went lower because that is a less riskery area and come to find out a harder area to get.

The numbing poke didn’t hurt too bad.

So I was supposed to be all numbed …I wasn’t.

She had to dig around to hit the fluid – in the process a few nerves were hit and I am pretty sure that was the worst pain ever and that is what sent me over the edge.

I don’t know how many digs into my spine later she got me some good drugs, let those kick in, got the Dr and bam – he got it on the first stick.  He went up higher on my spine  which is risker but I didn’t feel it due to the new pain med kicking in.

So after all that, I could barely walk out due to the meds and shots.

I went home and passed out.

Then later in the week I found out it was all worth it – ALL IS GREAT!!  No cancer cells lurking around.

I have a follow up MRI next Thursday but I am starting to feel better. My head just hurts when I am tired, but it hurts less than it did!!

I am going to start driving the parking lot this weekend and practice that and hope I don’t get car sick and the 2 leg driving comes back easily!

So all and all, this are going well.

Thanks for all the prayers and love.
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