Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Billboards

I know a lot of you know this story, but I realized the other day when my cousin said she saw me on a billboard in WI that the billboards are still out there.

The short story – my friend Holly took some pictures of me when I was bald with my first or second chemo after I was diagnosed stage 4.

I thought nothing of it except cool free pictures and it is good to remember this.

Well, chemo brain kicked in and I didn’t remember it for long.

At some point Eric’s parents saw me on a billboard in MI and told us, and I them there was no way it was me.

Then after my 1st brain surgery I talked to Holly (the one who took the pictures) and told her about Eric’s parents saying this and she said she had put them on this site to show off her work…she had told me this at one other point in time.
Photo: I am a little bit in shock but a high school friend of mine sent this to me saying my face is everywhere in Seattle...even on light pole hangings.

And I guess I am still on the web site (I just checked)
So there you go, for those of you who didn't 15 minutes of fame!
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