Sunday, September 15, 2013

40 is the new 30...not in Cancerland

In my world, 35 is the new 50 – with menopause and all.

I had wondered about  this for a while –If  I was in menopause or close to it?

 A simple little blood test said yes, yes I am on the tail end side of pre-memo pause.


And now I can once and for all say I am truly sorry for being a snappy bitch lately – my hormones are making me do it.

And yes, when I started crying the other day for NO reason – again the hormones.

No sleeping through the night for me – check.

Irritability – BIG CHECK

Hot Flashes – had those a few months ago but I chalked it up to radiation after effects – it could have been a double whammy?

Crashing fatigue, anxiety, mental confusion, itchy skin – check, check, check and check.

 Now these I still chalk up to recent surgery and new chemo, but I could be wrong??

What if once I do go through full menopause I am a whole new person, with this new memory and energy?

Well you are right, menopause isn’t going to give me back that part of my  – I will be curious to see how this plays out.
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