Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pink, pink, pink – everywhere is pink.

It might make you think everything is Pretty in Pink.

It isn’t.

I am not one to really rock the boat – most of the time that is, but if you push me enough I will break. And this is me breaking.

I am sick of pink….SICK OF IT!!

I am warning you. This post is going to be a bit of a soapbox rant with a purpose!

I don’t want to wear pink to announce to the world that I have breast cancer. I don’t want a pink hair dryer (really, people – people going through chemo usually don’t have hair anyway). I don’t want a pink can opener or some other stupid gadget to help me show my support of breast cancer.

What does that mean anyway?

How exactly are you showing support with a pink can opener?

I am sick of companies selling stupid sh*t in pink and people buying it thinking that, somehow, more than a tiny percentage of that profit actually goes to breast cancer research or charities. 

And the kicker is, we don’t even know what part of breast cancer that tiny percent goes to…it could go to making more products to “support” breast cancer…I am just speculating here SO don’t get offended by this.

I think we are ALL aware of breast cancer. I mean, if the stats don’t lie then 1 in 8 women have it. For it not to affect us on some level is pretty much impossible.

Next step up on the ole soapbox – I get it, a lot of the money raised goes to research to stop this sh*t – GREAT…it is great because this needs a cure!

But what about the money raised that doesn’t go to research for a cure? Where does that money go?

Does it go to the little people who need help during their battle??

When I say little people, I mean the ones who make just enough not to qualify for government help but get diagnosed with cancer – what happens to them and all this money raised?

From what I hear, they (the “little people”) are made to jump through hoops to get only a little bit of help.

Let me tell you, as a stage 4 breast cancer “thriver,” doing paperwork with chemo brain is not only mentally exhausting, it is next to impossible.

So now, you have someone who is stressed from the cancer diagnosis, working, getting chemo treatment, taking care of a family, and in order to get a little help with the bills, is expected to fill out lengthy forms!

And yes, I get it. And I realize we can’t just hand out cash to everyone, BUT every once in a while there is a story that touches you and you KNOW you have to help in some way.

That is why I am asking you to think before you pink this year.

If you are going to spend money to help the cause, I am asking you to help this young woman instead of buying “pink stuff,” since we aren’t really sure where the proceeds it goes to.

I will follow up this post with a woman I feel compelled to help and I hope you do as well.
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