Monday, July 22, 2013

The truth...

Ian asked me if there was any such thing as a real happy place.

I told him of course – in your heart and mind you can always be in your happy.
People tell me all the time that I we handle “all this” so well…that they don’t think they could handle it like Eric and I do.

I tell everyone the same thing…yes you could…there is nothing special about me.

I just allow my heart to shine through more than some others…don’t think I didn’t have to learn how to do this.
As humans I think our first response to anything is to put a wall up, shelter our hearts, and put on any kind of armor we can find – to protect ourselves…from what – well whatever is attaching us!

I just want to remind everyone that you too, YES YOU have it in you to fight whatever battle it is that you are fighting. Some days, you might have to take a day off; some days, you have to give yourself time to morn whatever it is you are going through; but when that voice says you can’t do anymore or you aren’t strong enough that is when you HAVE to listen to your heart – it is a tiny voice compared to the loud yelling of the other voice saying you can’t.
But you can…even if you can only take a 1/12 a step forward for however many days, you must keep stepping forward.

I was complaining to Eric yesterday about me not being able to walk long distances because it has been almost a year since surgery.
He laughed and said NO, it has been almost a year since surgery ONE and you reset that for surgery TWO and reset again for surgery THREE – so really you are at 2 months post-surgery.

I let that little voice speak instead of my heart.

It always makes me laugh when I look back on things like this and I am amazed at hard on myself I am…which I know we all are that hard on ourselves.
But the thing is, would we ever expect others to do this crazy shit we ask out of ourselves – NO.

Remember that the next time that little voice starts in on you – stop and listen for your heart – for the truth.
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