Saturday, July 27, 2013

I am tired...

I am tired of this weird rash on the bottom of my legs that itches like crazy – unless I take Benadryl but then I pass out.  I could take a steroid, but I would rather itch being as I am JUST NOW starting to lose some of the water weight.

But now I am a little worried about being not being on my chemo this weekend.

I still don’t to have energy all day long. I can go a few hours, but then I crash. It sucks to have this “want to do” list, but never getting it ¼ of the way done.

My patience is gone at  600 pm and it sucks because I haven’t been with Ian or Eric most of the day, but I am just so tired in the evening my patience just vanishes.  I have really been working on not being grumping to them.

I think I might need to start PT again.  My walking in wonky and it is making my knee hurt.

I am tired of not having feeling in my whole left leg.

I am tired of having to have Eric to everything physical. I SO want to help him move our sh*t to the new house, and him not have all this weight on his shoulders – for me to be his other half. I feel more like a growth that he has to lug around.

Blah – I am just blah.

Luckily we have a birthday party to go to today and all my friends will be there too – really, I think we throw our kids these birthday parties for us mommies to get together?!?! Whatever, the kids are happy! OH, and us too!!
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