Sunday, June 2, 2013

Next week events:

This was a relativity easy week which is a totally weird thing to say – I know this, but I guess I am just used to it and we roll with it and I realize all the planning and fretting in my head isn’t going to change anything.

I am going to try to keep a schedule of events to come…people see to be liking the weekly outline.

Monday, June 3: Ian will start karate camp! We all so excited for this.

Tuesday, June 4: My brain radiation.  We are thinking it will be one session, but as of Friday my neurosurgeon and radiation doctors were still working on plan.

I am nervous about brain radiation again being as I felt this was my tipping point on my crazy train last time, BUT we all have a plan in place this time.

I know what to look for when I start to feel crazy.

Wednesday, June 5: maybe radiation again, maybe not

Thursday, June 6: Dr. Groves – brain oncologist

Friday, June 7: Dr. H – we are praying that on Friday all the doctors will have had a chance to come up with a plan.

Eric has done some research on what it might be, but things change so quick I have decided I can’t play the what if I am on that game – I will wait and see and go from there.

Please pray His perfect plan comes streaming through to all involved.
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