Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yes I believe

Yes, I believe

God orchestrates



in our lives

all the time

I used to think


what are the chances

Now, I think

Thank You God

Long story kind of short…Eric and I decided we needed a new house – a smaller one story home because well let’s face it – I can’t walk up our stairs to the second story and more than half our house goes unused. 

We started looking and houses in our neighborhood aren’t even staying on the market a week – some only a day.

So, I do what I do – I prayed and asked for help.

The idea was sent to me – send out an email to the neighborhood on the email group.

I told a few people about it, and yes, they thought it was a total shot in the dark.

In the email I wrote about our situation, our need for a smaller home, our desire to stay in our neighborhood and just asked if anyone was possible willing to trade house or knew of a house coming on the market soon.

I got a lot more responses than I thought I would – mostly people saying oh yes we will trade – I guess I didn’t really specify there would be money involved in make the trades equal!

Anyway, I got an email from this guy who said his neighbor had mentioned to him they were going to be selling soon.

The address of the house – oh it was one of the houses Eric though about buying when he first bought a house in our area but it was a little big for just him.

We were driving around Sunday evening looking at some of the other addresses people sent us. We noticed the couple of this not yet for sale house were outside doing yard word.

I said lets go talk to them – what do we have to lose?

So we did.

When we walked up, I said – I know this is going to sound crazy but are you X or Z – I couldn’t remember who sent me the email and who he said the owner was.

The guy said yes, I am X and Z is my neighbor.

So, I told him the short version of the story – we need a new house because I had brain surgery and I cant walk up our stairs, we want to stay in the neighborhood, I sent out this email, his neighbor responded and here we are.

And yes, they were planning on putting it on the market in about 3 weeks.

We went back yesterday to walk around, and pretty much asked what he thought about a take as is deal sooner rather than later.

We are all now getting our ducks in a row to make this happen!

I KNEW IT WOULD WORK!!! I like to keep reminding everyone who told me I was crazy that indeed – IT WORKED!! And I just kept following my heart…my heart that God speaks to and doing what He told me to do even if I looked crazy to others! I am so excited!!
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