Thursday, March 28, 2013

11 days and 5 bruises later

In the past 11 days, I have had:

Head MRI

PET Scan

BSI and Zometa infusion

Abdominal CT scan

Abdominal MRI

BSI Infusion

Appoint with intestine Dr


Really, I am tired of appointments, tired of being poked and am just tired…BUT, I keep on keepin’ on and will continue to.

To catch you up on all the tests:


PET Scan – all CLEAR but one little area…hence the Abdominal CT and follow up MRI. The finding – there is something there BUT NOT CANCER!!!  It is a little “bulge” at the tip of the small intestine which was looking like the pancreas.

I will be getting a scope on Monday and they will be able to tell what the “bulge” is. No one is worried which makes me VERY happy.

I felt at peace with all this even when they first told me something showed up on the PET – I just didn’t feel like it was cancer…hey, I am getting good at knowing what is going on in my body!

Please pray the scope is easy and whatever it is doesn’t even need to be fixed!

I hope yall have a great Easter.
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