Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 small years...

It was 2 years ago that I got the dreaded phone call – the one I never wanted again – Dr. H wants to see you today – something is on your scans.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that I would be getting that phone call again – I believed it was gone and gone for good.

In the past 24 months so much has happened, so many heartaches, so many fears, so much – so much of everything.

March, 2011:

Diagnosed for second time with breast cancer

Surgery to biopsy lung lesion

PET scan to see if it was else where

Found out it was indeed the same cancer as was in my breast first time

Found out it had spread to lymph nodes, lungs and bones

Went to MD Anderson – turned right back around to come home to Austin

April, 2011 :

I started Abraxane (chemo)

Surgery to get my port put in     

My hair started to fall out and I had Eric shave it

June, 2011:

PET scan showed big improvement

Started back on anti-depressants

July, 2011

PET scan showed chemo cocktail wasn’t working – the spot on lymph nodes grew

August, 2011

Started new cocktail – carboplatin and gemzar

Got approved for trial drug: I am honestly still not sure what the actual name of it is. It is an in-apart type chemo

Started to get infusions 2 times a week – Monday & Thursdays – 2 weeks on, one week off – still on that schedule to this date

September, 2011

Took Ian to Wonders & Worries

October, 2011

PET scan showed “NED” no evidence of disease

Had my first blood transfusion

November, 2011

Had my final round of “full out chemo” and started on my trial drug only

December, 2011 – August, 2012

Received trial drug infusion 2 times a weeks

August, 2012

Had a small seizure, MRI revealed a mass in my brain

September, 2012

Had brain surgery to remove the tumor

October, 2012

Had radiation

November, 2012

Put in hospital for steroid psychosis for 3 days

Found out the mass was growing again in the same spot – just on top of the scar tissue

December, 2012

2nd brain surgery to remove growing mass

Went back to hospital because I couldn’t walk – both legs were numb verses just my right leg which  went numb after the 2nd surgery

Was using walker to walk

Was able to use just my cane on Christmas Day – a Christmas miracle

January, 2013

I started driving in the church parking lot to practice

Mom left

Eric’s parents came

February, 2013

MRI showed changes – good changes – healing changes

I started to walk without a cane or a foot brace after starting a new physical therapy place

I took my first shower by myself after we got a new lower shower pan

Eric’s parents left

MRI – still showing changes – Dr H talked to my “neuro team” and decided I need an MRI every 4 weeks to keep a close watch on everything

March, 2013

I walked around the block by myself!

Next week I have an MRI and PET scan


Reading it like this makes it seem so real – crazy real. I read it like I would read something someone else wrote. In a weird way, I stay detached when I write a list of events like this – this is my list of what has happened and that is all…a list of events.  But then in the same breath I look at this and think HOLY SH*T -  that is a lot that has happened – for a lifetime much less in 2 years.

Please continue to pray for my health – for all the tests to come back NED, for feeling to return to my right side and energy.

Please pray for my family – this has not been an easy journey for anyone
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