Saturday, March 16, 2013

Is it funny??

It is funny (funny as in weird) what I can laugh about now. I need to remember that not everyone is on the same page with everything as I am.

After telling the lady at Ian’s camp yesterday to feel free to remind me if I ever forget to pay tuition because things in my mind just kind of slip away now…”with the whole getting part of my brain cut out I guess I should expect that to happen.”

She kind of looked at me odd and did one of those laughs…should I be laughing at this?

Yes, yes you should.

Here is how I look at it – I DID have about the size of a golf ball removed from my brain. I think THAT in itself has to give me a little wiggle room with some stuff – and dates happens to be one of those…I just can’t wrap my head around what date it is and if I am being completely honest – I was never good at what date it was before all the chemo AND the chunk of brain being removed – so be it.

Flipping switches to a totally different story in cancer-land:

I was texting with some of my “cancer b*tches” (you know, since I have my neighborhood h**kers I thought I needed to name our cancer trio too)

We all were diagnosed Stage IV around the same time, all around the same age, all have had our ups and downs and we like to give each other love with a side of comic relief when we can.

After K trying to talk  Suri into understanding a chemo name and Suri refused many times to understand it, we have decided what the hell – maybe Suri is right to rename our drugs. So now instead of these crazy names I could never remember anyway (others do a really great job of knowing what chemo they are on, have been on, etc – not me – I even said the name of my chemo once in the infusion room and my nurse died laughing – yeah, yeah, I get it – I don’t know the “official” name for any of my meds – takes up too much precious brain space – that was even before this surgery, but still I can claim chemo brain…wow, I really got off topic there).

Now the 3 of have Tom, Zelda, DSI for our chemo drugs…I am SURE Dr. H will appreciate this switch up on our end!
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