Sunday, February 17, 2013

On our own

Eric’s parents left Saturday morning – this is the first time we are “on our own” since October 22nd – that is when mom came back because I was convinced something wasn’t right.

Mom was here through the end of January they got here a day after she left. They were willing and able to stay longer, but about 12 days ago – things started changing again...huge changes – miracles happening right before our eyes.

My energy wasn’t just creeping back, but it seemed to come back in a huge burst AND it has stayed.  I even had zometa on Monday and it didn’t knock me down.

I started taking and picking up Ian by myself, I went over to Gina’s for lunch, I met Syl at the park one day and Jungle Java another day, I drove on 35 a few times – things are truly falling into place.

So, his parents witnessed all these magnificent things taking place and asked if we were ready to be on our own.  We talked about it, and we were – so now we are.

I still don’t think I can cook at the end of the day because I start getting tired around 4:30, but we are planning on eating My Fit Foods for dinner or just salad.  Gina and Syl have told me they will double up what they are making for dinner a few nights and bring us food.

We got someone to clean the house again.  I have (or still trying to) coming to peace with the idea that after school me and Ian will just hang out, and if that means we watch TV or I let him play DS – that is what it means.  I try to make myself feel better with it by making Ian at least play a few educational games in the mix.

So here we go – we are on own…I am excited and scared all at the same time.

Please pray this week for:

God to continue to give me the energy

Clean MRI on Wednesday

Getting back to pre-tumor life being as easy as possible

Be cancer free today, tomorrow and always

I know all these amazing things happening is God working and it is so awesome to see and be a part of it.
On ward and upward!!
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