Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So crazy to me...

This is still SUPER crazy to me…SUPER CRAZY.

In May or June (HA…I can’t remember!) of 2011, my sweet neighbor Holly from Holly Anissa asked me is she could take pictures of me and my bald head…I said sure.

When she gave me the pictures, she had me sign a release…I had no idea what for.  Then back in August – September (again, can’t remember exact details!) she briefly told me my pictures were a hit.  She might have told me more details, I might have asked more, but I don’t remember.

Then the other day I was outside and she came over to chat and for a hug and she told me again about my pictures and since I am more with it, I asked a little more.  Then she brought us veggie chili a few days later and I asked her more about the pictures and I told her that Eric’s parents had been telling us they could swear a picture of me was on a billboard on the way “up North” on the way to their lake house.  I really had NO IDEA what they were talking about…I kept telling Eric I was NOT on a billboard.

But after talking to Holly, she told me that yes I probably was on a bill board because she put my pictures on a site where people purchase pictures. And I guess cancer companies liked my pictures…here are some links (if I can remember how to post links…you think I am kidding!)
TriHealth Cancer Institute

Fred Hutchinson Research Center

Fred Hutchinson Reasearch Center donation page

Group Health

I have two billboard pictures (one from MI (Eric's parents) and one from Seatle (a pink ribbon cowgirl spotted it while in Seatle) but I can NOT for the life of me figure out how to post a picture from a is times like these that I remember I had 2 brain surgeries and radiation within a 90 day period...when my brain doesn't work. 

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