Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happenings lately...

A lot has happened this past week – and I am more than thrilled to report it is all excellent news.

I went to two orthotic places last week, and today I got a brace for what they call drop foot.  My right foot doesn’t stay up on its own all the way – which has been my whole problem with driving and walking…a limp right foot doesn’t do me any good!

So, I got my brace today and I am happy to report I think after some getting used to, I will soon be able to walk without a cane (when I am not tired because my foot tends to drop more when I am tired…which is common) AND we went to the big church parking lot by our house again to practice driving…again it will take some getting used to but it is going to be VERY doable!!

I went with mom this morning and afternoon to take and pick up Ian, my energy is returning a little more every day and life is getting better and easier.

I found this great app on my phone BiOY Bible in One Year – I have been wanting to read the whole bible for a long time and this app really helps…I always have it with me and it is broken down into different lessons with stories which REALLY help me understand it all better.

I thought more happened, but I can’t remember now…my short-term memory is horrible lately!!
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