Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year and more!

Things are FINALLY looking better around here.

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve – Eric cooked out steaks, mom made potatoes, Ian got to have a hot dog, we popped popcorn, watched a movie and did a few fireworks out in the street.  For all that we were able to bargain with Ian to sleep into 7:40…Eric loved that since he is the awesome one who always gets up with Ian being as sleep after treatment is always great for me.

Wednesday, mom, Ian and Ian were able to meet Teri, Zach and Parker at Jungle Java for a play date. It was so amazing to be able to get out and go do something with Ian and friends again – I mean….SO AMAZING. I must say I am really tired right now, but it was so worth it.

Friday we went over to Teri and Zach’s to celebrate mom’s birthday – it was a lot of fun. Saturday I practiced driving for the first time!! I had to use my right foot for the gas and my left for the brake – I just didn’t and still don’t trust my right foot to get over to the brake in time! But for my first spin out – it went great! Mom took me out yesterday and it went even better. Saturday night we took mom out to eat at Salt Lick for her real birthday dinner – oh it was good! Sunday I was beat – I was in and out of bed all day napping on and off…that just shows me how much my body is still recovering from everything.

I had BSI (treatment drug) last Monday, Thursday, yesterday and this coming Thursday.

I am still VERY swollen from the steroids – like my face is looks like I have gained probably 40 pounds…whatever – I am totally over it and what I look like.  Last week was the last of one of the steroids and today was the last of the second one, so I am really hoping this swelling goes down fast!

I am having my PT guy come over this morning to help me with my walking, then I plan on taking it easy until Ian gets home around 2:30.

I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday season, a great New Year.  
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