Friday, August 24, 2012

My sweet Ian – on your 5th birthday

Let me go ahead and get it out of the way – I can NOT believe you are 5…seriously, can NOT believe it.  Where has the time gone?

As sad as I am that you are growing up so fast, I am all that proud and more of what a truly wonderful person you are and are continuing to become.

While over at a friend’s house the other day you were calling me mom instead of mommy, then you whispered to me that you will call me mommy in secret – at least you are telling me your secrets!

You have a wonderful outlook on life – one that is infectious.  When I tell you that you can do something for 10 minutes, you say, “well, at least it is more than 9!” And I always tell you that, “it is what it is” and one day you replied, “and it isn’t what it isn’t.”

You have a grasp on life much deeper than many adults I know.  You live with a joy from deep down in your soul.  You are so kind and caring to everyone.  I tell you if someone hits you that you are allowed to hit them back and 9 times out of 10 you don’t – you tell me you don’t want to hurt them back.  You teach so much everyday about kindness and love.

You quiz me and daddy about God and Heaven all the time and are starting to understand that God is infinite and His love goes on forever.

You asked me the other day if you were my everything – yes my sweetie, yes you are.

You continue to amaze me daily with your math in your head ability – you get that from me! The whole time we are driving, we are asking each other math questions. You have addition down, pretty much subtraction and we are starting to work on multiplication. You love math – love it.

You are really starting to be interested in reading.  You ask me specifically what everything says and are starting to sound out words.

Your teachers from pre-k and gymnastics tell me what a wonderful friend you are to all, how well you listen and follow the rules and how kind and funny you are!

You love performing magic tricks while daddy and I watch intently at all your shows! You haven’t figured out how not to tell the secret of the trick though!

You still LOVE when daddy gets home! By 5:30 me and you are ready for a little break and you are ready to rumble with daddy! 

You LOVE to play board games, and we spend a majority of our time together doing just that. Right now you love, “guess who” “operation” “memory” (which you honestly win at) and “connect four.” You are a gaming fool, but that is really ok with me! I don’t cut you any slack with the rules – sometimes you try to pull one over on me, but most of the time you do follow the rules and we are good to go!

You still love Skylanders and have collected them all. You are currently saving up money to buy the new giants game that comes out in October!

You are starting to like to play school – ninja school that is.  You like to be the master who teaches me how to do certain ninja routines – it is so funny watch!

I really can’t believe you are 5.  It is amazing to see what a wonderful person you have become in these past 5 years – I can’t wait to see who you are in the next 5 years.

I love you my sweetness.

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