Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fun was had by all..

And A LOT of fun at that!

Eric and I wanted to tell our friends thank you for helping us through one of the hardest parts of our lives, and we thought what better way than throw a party…on the lake!

We rented a party barge with a slide, got lots of food and had a ton of fun!
 A little chest bumpin' to start the day off

 Eric was first down the slide

 And everyone else followed....all day long

A little exploring at end of day around the island.
I don't know how many times those boys went down that slide...they were all drunk on tired at end of day!
The adults had a great time hanging out...honestly, not really that different from our day today with the "Fab Five"
When I told everyone thank you, I threw in a shout out to the husbands...for working so us girls can do what we do and that the girls were able to help me the way they did/do!
Here is to my girls - without them life would be SO boring and a whole lot more challanging.
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