Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Our preacher preached about celebration on Sunday – how we are really good at celebrating BIG things in our lives – holidays, birthdays, milestones, promotions, etc.
And those are all great things to celebrate – but what about all the small things that make up our days, our weeks, our lives – all the small things that make our hearts bust in excitement – but we don’t celebrate them because we don’t feel they are “big enough” for celebration?

Psalms 100:1

A Psalm for Thanksgiving. Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth.

It doesn’t say only for big things.

I have started then stopped, started then stopped, started – you get it – keeping a gratitude journal.  I want to turn this into a celebration journal too. Write down my small victories to celebrate daily – no that doesn’t mean celebrate with a glass of wine and cupcake (not anymore at least)

Just celebrate – say it out loud that I am proud of something I did, recognize any and all achievements.

Celebrate with y’all, with Eric, my friends, family, strangers – who ever.

I have gotten better celebrating my NED (NO evidence of disease) status – when someone asks me how I am – without missing a beat I almost shout – wonderfully great.  Still NED, still feeling great! I no longer have a but, not sure, eh in there – there is no room for that with NED!

I need to get better at celebrating my small victories with life, home life, business.

I think I should celebrate the nights I cook dinner; when all the laundry is done; when I have 6 orders waiting for me to get out; when Ian helps me clean up his stuff – it is these things that are life and should be celebrated.

What can you celebrate today – big or small??
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