Monday, June 18, 2012

Grandpa…I miss you

At church yesterday, Steve was talking a lot about fathers and we did a prayer/mediation on our fathers, grandfathers, any man in our lives who played an important role.

It made me miss my grandpa…a lot.

All I saw while in mediation was his smiling face, shaky that GAWD awful gold bracelet at me (yes, think Jersey Shores (well, I think because I have never actually watched that show)).  He would shake it and say, “Get a load of that kid” and I would roll my eyes at him and we would laugh.

Or how when we (all the grandkids) were old enough to drive and have our own cars, when our cars broke down (which they always did) he was willing to let us borrow a car (well, I think grandma made him be willing but he always let us borrow a car) but the kicker was, it was the biggest POS car – he had nice cars and he had POS cars – we got the POSes! And I am pretty sure he got a real kick out of making us drive these cars!

Or when we were young and he was driving us, he would say “binders on” and make a brake sound like school bus – always made us laugh.

Or how it was his mission to make each and every Christmas bigger and better than the one before – we would all go over to grandma and grandpa’s for Christmas – I never realized how much I would miss those days.

Or how he 100% believed is us and all of our dreams. 

Or how when we would go over to their house, they would be outside sitting on the porch waiting for us to get there.

Oh, there is so much I miss about both of them.  I never knew I would miss them this much. I never knew I would wish to get all those times back with them when I thought I had so much more important things to do than be there with them.

I know they are happy and at total peace where they are and are with me all the time in my heart, but I wish I could hug them one more time.
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