Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mother of the week…

We were at the pool on Thursday with “our group” or The Fab Five as we like to refer to ourselves as (but we were missing one mommy, so really we weren’t!).  Eric likes to call us “the mother cluckers” – yes, there is a story behind that too!  Regardless, both names fit us well.

Syl was actually in the pool with the kids, while Gina, Teri and me sat at a table gabbed. Now granted, Syl does have an 18 month-old so really we don’t think she deserves THAT much credit for being in the pool with him! Us on the other hand  -having paid a lot of money to Emler Swim School to ensure our boys can swim…they.are.on.their own.

Gina said that Syl should get the mother of the week award – it was on!  We now have a plan to get an old trophie, doll it up and pass it around to us for the mother of the week! YES, we find ourselves FUNNY.

Now, here is where it all gets better.  Jill was telling me about this story yesterday and sent me the link. FYI – there are curse words in said blog post! But it is a funny read…read it!

SO, I am now on the hunt for something a little bigger than a trophie but not the 4 foot chicken to use at the mother of the week award and/or to pass around when someone is sad.  Yes, I will keep you updated on what I find.

I hope y’all had a great weekend.  We had Ian’s soccer game (which Ian scored 2 goals!!), had friends over and went to the pool yesterday…oh, and Ian got his first real haircut…I know 4.5 years old and only had haircuts from me…time was up!  Today we are getting our pictures done and I am so stinking excited.

Then this afternoon, we are going to start cleaning out the garage…why am I so excited to clean out the garage you are asking??  Eric told me we can turn it into an art studio and put an A/C window unit out there because I am out growing the craft room…WHOOT WHOOT!!
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