Thursday, April 26, 2012


It was in the middle of an ordinary week (well, my ordinary now…a lot of people would think my week is FAR from ordinary), on an ordinary day that it hit me like a brick wall…just what an incredibly blessed life we live.

It was a Wednesday….I had treatment on Monday and was feeling a little tired from it. I had set up my canvases at school that morning, went to PT and was walking through a parking lot to meet Gina for lunch when a friend’s husband was driving through the same parking lot – he stopped, we talked – he was going to meet a friend and his brother for lunch…that is when it hit me…what a blessed life this is…from so many different angles.

I realize how easy it is to get trapped in up in your “woes” but try this for today – try to get trapped up in your blessings.  Even if they ONLY thing you can say thank you for is breathing – well, that is a HUGE thing to be able to be thankful for.

I started reading  and following 1,000 Gifts on twitter (I know, crazy me a tweeter…hey, I do it for Embracing Life!!) but what the people there post really get me thinking…it is the small things that make it all worth it.

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