Monday, March 19, 2012

So today is HUGE day for…it is something I have been praying about, dreaming about and working really hard lately to get going. 
Embracing Life, Love & Art – my new blog and Etsy story.

I have started many ventures in the past that didn’t ever take off because there never felt right.  This feels more than right, and I am pretty sure the reason behind that is God.  He has been whispering to my heart for some time now, and I finally learned to listen and respond.  This whole thing has come together so easily, I have to believe it Him using me to do this…it has been an organized process and for those who know me, know I am far from organized!

I will still post on this blog about life as a NED person (!!), and family and such.  Please visit both blogs as they will have different things.

SO, without further adieu, welcome to Embracing Life, Love& Art.  Visit the blog for your chance to win a free custom canvas.
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