Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crystal clear…

Thank you God for another crystal clear CT scan this time around and always.

I had a CT scan on Thursday and whoop whoop – I am still NED!!

I try so hard not to stress over these scans, but little thoughts always seem to seep into my mind.  I pray hard for God to change my heart to let me let Him 100% handle…silly mind wants to take over.

We had an AWESOME spring break this past week.  Eric’s parents have been in town, so Ian has been in real vacation mode!

We went to Sea World on Wednesday and had a fabulous time.  It was overcast and little misty in the morning, so I think that kept the big crowds away. Ian was tall enough to ride some rides and he loved it!  Eric and I even rode the Steel Eel and The Great White…I haven’t ridden a rollercoaster since Ian was born.  I loved the Steel Eel…the Great White kind of sent me over the edge…all the loops and turns.  I needed some dip n dots to settle my stomach!  I did good on my eating while there – had a salad for lunch and splurged on dip n dots – which Ian and Eric ate at least half of, so I didn't feel that bad!

Thursday while I was at my scan, Oma and Grandpa took Ian to see the Lorax in 3rd – he loved it.  Here is a video of him telling Eric about it!

Friday night Eric and I had a date night.  I even had my yearly glass of wine…OH MY, it was so good and it got me “drunk”…I really don’t miss being feeling tipsy.  I do miss the taste of wine though…oh well.

Saturday Ian had his first soccer practice and meet and greet - it was so fun to see all them run around, kick the ball and just be a team.  I can't wait until the first game!

Saturday we went to the fair.  It was a blast.  My eyes were a little bigger than my stomach when we bought wrist bands for the rides.  After two twisty rides with Ian, my stomach couldn’t take anymore.  Eric peeled my band off and put it on – yes, breaking the law!

We totally ate like crap and I felt horrible after it – my body is not used to that much junk. 

It was odd - this time last year when we went to the fair, I had just had my lung biopsy and was told it was cancer...this year I was just told I am still always keeps moving.
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