Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear my sweet Ian:

You are now 4.5 years old, and you are changing a little more every day. You are no longer anywhere close to a toddler or even a pre-schooler – you are a true little boy.
You have a heart of gold. It that makes my heart smile anytime I think about you. You are such a sweet person to everyone – all your friends, your family and especially me and daddy.  You are still extremely empathic and if someone gets hurt, you are the first responder.  Other mommies tell me all the time what a sweet soul you are. You also are a big rule follower, so if something isn’t going according to the rules – anyone’s rule…yours, mine, your teacher’s, other mommy’s…you are the first to stop following the group and come to tell an adult. I love that about you – you truly do know the difference between right and wrong.

You are starting to ask me questions about God. Our most recent conversation went: “Mommy is anything bigger than the universe?” “Yes, God is bigger than the universe because He made it.” “So, God is the universe.” “Well, yes…yes He is.”

You are trying to wrap your head around the “bigness” of God and forever.  I absolutely love to see your mind work and God’s hands on your heart. You really are able to turn something complex into an easy way to look at it.
You are really starting to like play video games.  You wanted to buy Skylanders, so I made a deal with you – sell your train table and tool bench to get the money to buy Skylanders.  Now, you are all about your collection of them.  You finally broke down and used all your allowance to buy some more – you had been saving your allowance forever and never wanted to spend it on anything – until Skylanders.  You sit and look at the box and poster of them all forever and dream about collecting all of them. It is so fun to see you really get into something – this is all yours. 

You are a brilliant puzzle solver. There are some puzzle games I simply can’t play with you because I can’t do them and you blow through them.  Your mind 100% works likes daddy – there is an engineer in there somewhere…although you tell me you want to be pilot – I guess that is engineer like?!?

You are VERY consistent with your daily schedule and if a wrench gets thrown in, you don’t really do well! You like everything to be just so and to know exactly what is coming – again, all your daddy! J We write everything down on your calendar and you study it to know what is coming up and how long it will be until we do something.

I do see a lot of me in you too…your sense of humor, your dance moves…yes, you bust into spontaneous dance like I do – now you ask daddy to dance with you and I judge your dance off, you talk with your hands, when you want something we both know you shouldn’t have you give me this sly little smile and bat your eyes at me…you usually get it! You don’t like “usual” breakfast food – just like me!  You prefer a string cheese and salt & pepper pistachios.  You love to be covered up with quilts; you love snuggers and me laying in bed with you – in my pjs too!

You really are the light of my life.  I love you so very much.
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