Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheers...where everybody knows your name

I don’t necessarily want to go, but I do feel like with all my treatment appointments, visiting my doctor, her nurses, the receptionist, the schedulers – I know everyone there and surprisingly enough, they all know my name too – I guess not surprising…I am there twice a week.

Eric went with me Friday for a bit. He was feeling guilty for not being able to come more often, but I tell him all the time that I am good to go, they all take great care of me and it is like Cheers in there – we all know each other’s stories and they will always give you the good stuff!

When Dr. H walked in the room, I was in the middle of explaining to Eric why I need this exercise product I found at a store, then looked up a demo on QVC – yes, it is true, I LOVE infomercials! I love how they make any and everything look possible and SO easily! And for the record, I have never actually bought anything off of QVC! SO, Dr. H walks in while this is going on and I explain to her my love of infomercials – hey, she already really knows me – it is okay if she thinks I am a little weird too! She then tells us of their (her husband is an oncologist too) exercise dilemmas – I love how real she is.

I got the green light to model in Art Bra – check it out, it is a super great event. Whoop! Whoop! I am so excited. I am going to start working on my art bra today!!

Eric asked her about a different trial that is out there for a cancer vaccine – yes, people they have many different cancer vaccines that are looking VERY promising. But, this one isn’t a total fit for me, which I am 100% fine with. It was a blind trial anyway and I don’t think I could do that and my current parp – I will keep that parp until they kick me off of it!

We went back to the chemo room, got settled in, said my rounds of hi’s when Eric told me it really was like Cheers in there – ha, I told him!

Other than that, it was same ole same ole – hung out, talked to Eric until he had to leave, ate a huge salad, read some, listened to music and looked around on pinterest…oh, the joys of modern technology!
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