Saturday, December 3, 2011


Well, yesterday was the first day of maintenance for me.

So many emotions ran through me yesterday: excitement of not being on chemo, scared of not being on chemo, hesitant of what is to come…and so much more.

It wasn’t as easy of a day as I had hoped for though. After the blood work came back, I was told I need another blood transfusion – my red counts are lower than they have ever been….so I am writing this from the hospital waiting on my blood to arrive.

After getting my blood drawn at the hospital, I left after being there too long only to receive a phone call from the nurse who drew my blood – she spelled my name wrong on the type and cross and I needed to go back to get more blood drawn – to say the least, I was pretty much done with yesterday.

This does explain why I have been so exhausted this past week in the evenings – exhausted as in going to bed to around 7:00 and sleeping all night.

After seeing my Dr again yesterday though, all the frustrations I had from the last appointment were totally gone. She was so excited about me being on just the parp and told me I am her only patient on just the parp – we are blazing new territory together. It is exciting, scary and so much more. She said she didn’t know what the trial company was going to say about me being on just the parp – which explains so much.

Bring on life without chemo!
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