Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shake it off:

We used to have a little yorkie named Missy. She never lost her puppy look and looked more like an ewalk than a yorkie. Anytime the front door was left open, she was lay in the sun until something caught her attention – then she would bark and stomp her feet until whatever it was that got her so ruffled went away. After that, she would shake it off and we would tell her, shake it off Missy girl, shake it off.

I had to shake off Friday. I had myself all worked up over what I expected to be said and my dr. opinion…which is just that – an opinion….nothing more, nothing less.

Jill texted me something great, “she doesn’t know what is going to happen, only God knows” and with that, I am going to go on being super excited that I am NED!! And I will continue going on knowing this!

I have had the thought of “what if” in my head too long and I always want to preface every conversation with, “well, nothing is certain” but I need to change that – nothing is certain – for any of us. And if I am NED for now, why not believe I can be NED forever?!?!
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