Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wonders & Worries

Well, I did it – I admitted to myself that maybe Ian needed W&W and today was the first visit. I had scheduled the first visit for a few weeks ago, then we decided to go to MI and I canceled – I almost canceled again because it is hard to admit that your child might need help – it is hard to admit that it is your situation that is causing your child to need help – it is hard to admit that this isn’t ending any time soon and if he needs an outlet now, he will surely need one more in the months to come…so, I stuck with the appointment and we went today.
Like anything new, I prep Ian with as many details as he asks for and we go from there. He was a little confused because I called it a play date, so he thought he was going to Lexi’s (our counselor) house. I tried to explain that we were going to her work but “play date” stuck in his head and he was going with that.

She was great with him from the moment we got there…she complimented him on his crocs (which is one sure fire way to his heart…odd), gave him a snack out of the snack basket (score two for Lexi), and played a game with Skittles (she had his heart). AND she told me he looked just like me, so she had my heart too since I usually only hear that he looks like Eric!

They went and played in the play room and I sat out in the waiting room and read a book.

He later told me they played a game of “what makes you….” sad, happy, angry, etc., he made a family totem pole and played. She told me he did great. I am going to call her tomorrow to get more info from her – I don’t want to talk about it with Ian right there – kind of weird to talk about him while he is right there.

I am just really happy the first visit is over, he liked her and it seems like an easy thing to do…as far as doing something like this goes.
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