Sunday, August 14, 2011

The big 4!!

Well, just like Christmas birthdays come and go super fast. This one was no different, but I am VERY happy to say that it lived up to all the expectations Ian had for it. He told both me and Eric that this was the best birthday ever – not really sure he remembers the others, but it made me heart smile.

We had a great birthday weekend. My mom, sister and nephews were here to help Ian celebrate and he couldn’t have been happier.

Now we are in the midst of a toy cleanout – man alive, how do we have so many toys?

Here is a link to the snapfish pictures from the big 4th birthday!

I have also started writing Ian letters (per Gina's suggestion of why not) This is the one I wrote him for his birthday:

Dear Ian

Wow – I really can’t believe that you are 4 years old today.

You amaze me daily with your loving heart, sweet nature and ability to make me laugh! You become more empathic daily being concerned with other’s feelings and well being. If someone is hurt or needs help, you are the first to run and tell me. You play really well with your friends with the occasional “fight.” I have tried to tell you if someone hits or pushes you first that it is okay to hit/push back to stick up for yourself, but you aren’t big on this. You aren’t a fighter in one little bit. You are a lover and want everyone to peaceful and just get along.

You always know just what to do to make me laugh – even if you are getting in trouble – which is really not very often at all. You have this dance you do that no matter what is happening will make me laugh out loud. You often do this dance just to make me laugh. I can tell making me laugh is one of your priorities and I must admit that I do love it.

You already have a little engineer’s mind. You want to know how everything works and sometimes I have to tell you that you need to ask daddy because I honestly don’t know how it all works. You love to play games and hate to lose. I try to explain winning isn’t everything, but you don’t want to hear it. You don’t really like to play by yourself yet, so we play together most of the time when we are at home. You love daddy telling you stories at night, anyone reading you books, chocolate milk, grape juice, apples slices, talking all the time and so much more.

I can say this summer you all officially learned to swim on your own – you even jump off the diving board by yourself. Of course daddy was the first one of us to let you do it because even though I knew you could, it made me nervous.

You are the light of my life and I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to see you grow up my little man.



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